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Just to let you know, I've had a comment on Characters: Why do you think that character did what they did in the end of BH? (added by jikoriko) - Not sure if any of you is currently contemplating the same matter. But in case you do... why not drop curriedchanna a line in reply?

Oh and... Happy New Year! Hope life's treating you guys all right and you've got loads of excellent books to read and enjoy. :)

Ok, a discussion question
partial earth
What do we think is the state of wizardry in other parts of the world? There was mention of two different schools of American wizardry, that didn't get along, but they were pretty much wiped out in World War Two. And the Nazis snapped up every magic user they could find and either killed them or enslaved them. But we saw the Chinese Taoist wizard in Whispers Underground, and apparently the Russians are still have an interest, so there's more going on then just the Folly. So what do we think is going on elsewhere?

Is there anyone still here?
Just got done rereading all the Rivers of London Books except The Hanging Tree which I don't have yet (not yet available in the US) and I'd love to discuss them.

Foxglove Summer - Thoughts!
So, Foxglove Summer is out and at least on tumblr everyone's already squeeing on it, so I wanted to ask here too: What are all your thoughts on it? Did you like it? What did you like? What maybe didn't you like? What do you think about all the new information we got about certain events and characters?

Foxglove Summer
silver sun
Looks like Foxglove Summer publication date is delayed again :(

Just been on Amazon and Waterstones websites and it's saying that it's not out until 13th of November now.

Second batch of icons
stranger london
I seem to have gotten a bit carried away. Text-based icons plus some fancast ones. Again, please take if you want any, credit v much appreciated (and it'd be v nice if you could comment and tell me if you take any! But not required in any way :)

33 total
18 text
4 Alfie Enoch
4 Paul McGann
+ alts (and a Very Potter Musical reference thrown in as a bonus)

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Woolthorpe Manor, Lincolnshire
Hi Everyone,

While I was on holiday this year bf and I did a divert to visit the birthplace of Isaac Newton. Thought you'd like to see photos of the house, the famous apple tree and the extremely friendly house cat Coco who wanted to come home with me.

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I made some icons!
I, um, would like to apologise in advance for my cliched Nightingale. It's not 100% my headcanon, but the photoshoot was just too good to pass up (it has a vintage Jag!). I also caved to the temptation of adding some flare magic in some of these. If anyone wants any, help yourselves!<3 Credit appreciated etc.
(Fancast suggestions to make icons from are also v welcome!)


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Searching for beta
Since I'm unable to get in contact with my usual beta, I'm in need of someone who could beta a 3.5k Rivers of London fanfic for me. The deadline would be the 6th August, because Foxglove Summer Countdown. Also the piece has a few trigger warnings, namely: abusive/emotional manipulative relationship (albeit platonically), genocide, mind manipulation.
I would be very glad if someone could help me out, despite the unfortunate deadline (I would have asked sooner, but I had been still hoping for my beta to get back to me). Also, even if you would be unable to make it until the deadline, a bit beta'd fic, or an afterwards beta'd fic is better than not-at-all-beta'd fic.

Fic: Birdcage
Beam me up
Finally occurred to me that I should probably link this from here: I've just finished posting a longish RoL casefic.

Title: Birdcage
Length: 32,000 words (10 chapters)
Content: casefic, mystery, adventure, spoilers for Broken Homes
Summary: When Nightingale disappears, Peter tries to find out what happened to him. But with the London Olympics opening in a few days and a string of magical crimes across the city, he can't afford to let any more major tourist attractions blow up either.



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